“Thank you so much for your exquisite work on my wedding invitations. My friends and family…say the calligraphy is gorgeous!...Thank you for putting your heart into this.” – R & N NY, New York

“We checked all the envelopes tonight and they look FABULOUS. Truly- they are as beautiful as I ever imagined them being…Thank you again for all of your hard work-I have felt so comfortable entrusting this process to you and you have met-and exceeded-all of my expectations…” – G NY, New York

“…I wanted to thank you again for the truly beautiful cards---they look even nicer today, if that’s possible…Thanks again for EVERYTHING.” – J NY, New York

“The invitations look just amazing. They really take my breath away. Thank you again for your wonderful work on all of them.” – J NY, NY

“I wanted to let you know that a lot of our guests commented on how beautiful the envelopes were!!! No one wanted to tear the envelope open-instead they carefully opened it to preserve the writing. My future father-in-law (who is an artist himself) said they are ‘works of art’!” – S NY, NY

“They’re gorgeous!!!!! I am so excited that I pushed him for the handwritten envelopes. My favorite part is that HE is so excited about them too!!! Ti sis from a man that wanted to throw them through a printer.” – A NY, NY

“He absolutely loves the calligraphy as much as I do! He said that you are just so talented and your work brings the perfect touch to our wedding as you kept it fun, modern and stunning. Looking forward to the place cards. I know they will be beautiful.” – E NY, NY

“Just a note of gratitude for your hard work. The table cards looked beautiful as guests arrved. They were unique and perfect.” – E NY,NY