1.       How does pricing work?

I have a standard rate for addressing simple envelopes and place cards but you will need to talk to me to figure out what your project will cost because every project is different. Some projects require additional designs while others are very simple and only have lettering. Please let me know what your budget is and I will work with you.


2.       Is everything hand done? Can some things be printed?

I do everything by hand but my lettering can be used to print off of as well. For example, I can hand letter the invitation but multiples of it can be printed. The same goes for programs, brochures, cards, etc. It all depends on the needs of the person I am working with.


3.       How much time do I need to allow for you to do my calligraphy?

When you contact me, I can give you a general idea of how long your project will take and what my availability will be. In many cases we will need to sit down together and go over your needs before I can gage how long it will take. Projects have a tendency to change shape over time and what starts out as a simple project may in fact be a complex project that will take longer to complete.


4.       What if I don’t like it, do I have to pay?

We will work together to determine a style and design you are happy with. Not until then, will I go forward with a project. You must be happy and agree upon the work to be done.


5.       Can you do small calligraphy jobs?

I can accommodate small and large projects alike. I have worked on everything from a simple one word project to documents.


6.       Do you prefer a certain kind of paper to work on?

The paper is very important. Some papers “bleed” and the ink spreads across the paper. Please discuss with me your preferences for paper before you go ahead and order it.


7.       Who orders the paper for the project?

You will supply the paper for a project involving invitations, cards, special papers, etc.

If your project requires simple lettering on one sheet of paper whereby the design or lettering will be copied, I have the paper for that. When you contact me, we can discuss your paper needs and I can even suggest some places to go for paper or printing.